A situational awareness system to make seafaring safer, one vessel at a time

Foundational research, Concept design


A suite of training tools to help runners reach their performance goals.

iOS, Android, Wearables, Web

Medium's reading experience and typography are a benchmark in the industry. We were asked by the design team to help extend this experience to their Japanese users.

Localization, Typography, Web


Product design and marketing in the customers' language

B2B, Web, Identity design

To inform Airbnb's redesign of host-facing services, we ran two weeks of interviews with Airbnb's research team in their two biggest cities: Paris & London.

Contextual inquiry, Group interviews

We helped bridge conversations between this Silicon Valley start-up and their Japanese provider by understanding what matters to the consumer and building the right UI for the market.

Market entry, Smart home, Analytics

We designed dashboards, messages, and data visualizations for SF-based startup ModuleQ to help sales teams stay on top of priority clients.

Data Visualization, B2B, Concept Design

Gengo Translation UI

A translation workflow design that reduces clicks and speeds job turnover.

Web, Prototyping, Productivity

Moodstone with Google

An emotional object beyond the smartphone

Hardware, Exploratory design

To increase user retention in Daybreak's upcoming health diary mobile app, we explored various micro-interactions around positive reinforcement and motivation.

Exploratory design, Mobile

To inform a rethink of this US-based mobile security app, we interviewed Japanese users to understand their concept of security, and how technology decisions are made within the family.

Foundational user research

To encourage the formation of consistent study habits with iKnow's English language learners, we redesigned the onboarding and course placement flows of their leading app.

iOS, Web, Funnel optimization

Tokyo Art Beat

Getting Tokyoites and New Yorkers out to experience art via AQ-designed websites and apps.

iOS, Android, Web, Service design

We designed a community hub to help the Google Polymer team support a community of developers as they imagine, create and publish components for the modern web.

Web, Identity design


A simple app to nudge casual art goers to Tokyo's museums.

Service design, O2O, Identity design

Art Setouchi

Website for a 100 day art festival attracting enthusiasts from around the world.

Web, O2O, Multilingual design

Marathon Navigator

An app to support the emotional and logistical needs of runners during Marathon races.

iOS, O2O, Content strategy

Google Multiscreen World

A tablet-optimized interactive data exploration and presentation tool.

Web, Data visualization, Multilingual design

Tokyo Illustrators Society

Japan's professional organization for illustration publishes decades of creativity online.

Web, Custom CMS, Multilingual design

Videogram Embed

A player designed for how people really watch video

Web, Prototyping, Identity design

Meekee, the Slack bot

Our first bot for distributed teams sends just-in-time meeting notifications from Google Calendar.

Bot, Productivity, Product

Suiren, a Kanji Explorer

An interactive learning and exploration tool to show relationships between the thousands of characters that make up the Japanese language. Made by Marion Kamoike-Bouguet with AQ.

Learning, Web, Data Visualization, Product


As DK's design partner, we're designing tools for organizers to promote professional and community events in Japan.

Web, Community


We designed and operated a speciality coffee service to learn about building customer relationships within a subscription business.

Service design, Identity design

Postcard Kit

A tool to send postcards while you travel. Born in a service design workshop, we produced 100 kits. As featured on Spoon & Tamago.

Product, Service design

Japan Map Kit

Editable data maps to help people create infographics and visual content on the topics of 311

Data visualization, Open source

311 Creative Industry Survey

A research project on how people in the creative industries were affected by events following March 11th, 2011.

Quantitative research, Community


A collective travel map and diary, made from our own experience of cities.

Product, Web, Identity design

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