A collective travel map and diary, made from our own experience of cities.

Every time we visit a city, new or familiar, we drop a marker on the map in our mind. These experience maps lie hidden within us; we smile to ourselves as we pass a certain bridge or building and only we know why. Hi provides the simplest of tools to map these experiences in a shared space.

Sketching with Hi

Each story begins as a sketch, captured in the moment as a line of text and a photo, timestamped, geolocated, and published via smartphone.

Sketching with Hi

Writers can return to sketches days or years later to reflect upon and extend them into longer stories.

So far, we’ve collected 1,100,000 words in over two thousand cities.

Hi screenshot

The moment’s page adapts to its content, with simple layouts for text-only moments and more dramatic ones for photos and extended texts.

Hi interaction


Curious readers can request the writer to “tell me more” about a moment, and thank them for doing so. This feedback loop optimizes effort to interest, and provides a simple way to identify and highlight the most interesting stories.

Hi interaction

Place pages capture cities like Paris, Bangalore and Tokyo, through the eyes of locals and passerbys. We designed place pages to adapt with growth, introducing the city through the eyes of its most frequent contributors.

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