On October 29th, we held our very first event, “AQ Presents Adam Greenfield: Becoming Real – The Art of Making Things Happen.

“Becoming Real” by Adam Greenfield Part 1 on Vimeo. Visit our channel to see the rest.x

Adam presented a balanced and hopeful outlook on the great challenge that everyone who has an idea faces: how to see their vision through to something the rest of the world can actually see, touch, experience, enjoy, and use.

After a critical, yet sympathetic look at historical case studies, including his own, Adam highlighted a few current leaders who are getting out of “project” and into “object” often, and with great social impact. He concluded with a review of five strategies to get to “object”, their associated strengths and risks, and a slight tip of the hand towards the one in which he sees the most promise.

We had a lively question and answer session after the talk, and wrapped up around 22:00. For those that asked (or were wondering!), this is what our menu looked like:

  • Hitachino Nest Beer
  • Vegetarian curry plate from Yoyo.san at Vacant: South Indian Curry + brown rice with coconut, papadum (Indian crispy crackers), and eggplant pakora (Indian fritters)

Adam had been working out of AQ’s offices for about a month when a lunchtime discussion of Bruno Latour sparked the idea for this talk. With just a few weeks left before Adam’s departure, with half the team on leave in between, the organization was a frantic endeavor. But with some light-footed decision making anchored in a Google spreadsheet, momentum stayed on our side. We’re very happy with how it turned out, and can’t wait to get started on the next one.

See you next time!