When most runners think of ASICS, they think of the best running shoes. The design of these shoes is based on decades of research with real runners, a continual effort to help runners reach their goals while maintaining a healthy mind and body.

    In 2010, ASICS approached AQ to join a team of researchers, marketers, writers, user experience designers, and web developers spread across four continents, to create a new online running service called My ASICS. After three years designing communications about ASICS products, we were eager to contribute to the design of an ASICS product, albeit one made not of mesh and GEL, but plans and advice.

    The project began with research, led by UX specialists Adaptive Path, in which we met with real runners in Europe and Japan, to learn as much as possible about their training routines, their tools, their ambitions and frustrations. During the following week-long workshop in Tokyo, we determined how the science-based training expertise of ASICS could be translated into a set of online tools that give better training results and greater understanding to the runners we had met.

    http://my.asics.co.uk/ »

  • Runners can create a training plan customized to help them meet their goal.

  • Runnings can plan training routes.

  • Email reminders and acknowledgement of progress


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