• Hills Breakfast

    A monthly talk-event series happening early in the morning in Roppongi Hills with office workers, students, freelancers and even celebrities joining for an hour of discussions.

    AQ developed a platform to support the uniquely interactive nature of the event and help with its promotion on social networks.

    A Twitter-powered Question & Answer widget posted on the front page of the site helps event organizers stimulate interaction and promotion before an event. Visitors are asked a question related to the theme of the upcoming event and each answer is shown on the site as well as the visitor’s twitter timeline.
    The site also serves as an archive of all past events, with photos, list of speakers and videos.

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  • Individual event pages allow readers to join the conversation by posting from Twitter.

  • The site also features Flickr images and videos of each event.

  • A simple backend allows data on the site to be easily and continuously updated.


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