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    Starting 60 years ago with inspiration for a better basketball shoe plucked from an octopus salad, ASICS's innovations in sports shoes and apparel continue to win the loyalty of athletes around the world. Today, ask most runners and they'll tell you ASICS makes the best gear for them.

    In 2008, ASICS embarked on an extensive reshaping of its online presence. AQ joined this effort starting with the design of a unified global homepage and masthead. The new design supports a wide range of content resources and messaging needs, through a flexible set of interface elements and modules, unified by a simple set of proportions and typographic styles.


    This new homepage became the basis for a full redesign of ASICS’s European websites. AQ provided interface and visual design to communicates the quality of ASICS products, shares expertise on the mental and physical aspects of sport, and extend ASICS’s community activities online.

    Today, AQ leads the visual design of ASICS online properties for 24 countries. We work with Tokyo technologists The Plant and ASICS’s own content managers to launch collection and brand campaigns, improve content quality and presentation standards, provide useful tools and services for runners, and plan email and social media activities.

    A normally sedentary bunch, we’ve even managed to rise from our ergonomic office chairs and hit the Tokyo pavement from time to time, laced up in ASICS of course.


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