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    Over the last 6 years, we've been lucky enough to share offices, growing pains and many successful projects with the creators of one of Tokyo’s most vital art resources, Tokyo Art Beat.

    Co-founded by AQ’s very own Paul Baron in 2004 as a bilingual art exhibition listing website, TAB is visited by art lovers 200,000 times a month, and has extended its activities and reach via an designer goods e-commerce site, a bestselling iPhone app, a New York-based sister site, and a bilingual free paper, circulation 100,000, all designed and illustrated by AQ.

    Tokyo Art Beat’s non-profit status has inspired us to always make a lot with a little. Our collaborations with TAB have proved a fruitful testing ground for many of the ideas and tools that we bring to our projects today: careful information design, an iterative design process, usability testing, log analysis and search engine optimization, all of which have helped TAB’s audience and influence continue to grow over the years.

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  • Tokyo Art Map is a bilingual, free printed art guide, published bimonthly by Tokyo Art Beat and distributed at 450 locations throughout Tokyo. AQ worked with TAB to conceive the memorable, compact format, and continues to design and illustrate each release.

  • TAB Blog: a web magazine of reviews, photo reports, essays and video.

  • Tokyo Art Beat & New York Art Beat

  • TAB's online shop sells t-shirts and other design objects.

  • iPhone app "MuPon"

  • Tokyo Art Beat’s iPhone app


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