AQ is a team of designers, developers and researchers building products that help people do great things and learn from the world around them.
Founded in Tokyo, 2004. In Paris since 2014.

Chris Palmieri

After studying graphic design and Japanese language and aesthetics, Chris moved to Tokyo in 2001 to begin his design practice. He co-founded AQ in 2004.

As managing director, Chris leads the design process, working with teams to clarify ideas, and transform them into beautiful, hard-working products.

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Eiko Nagase

Eiko co-founded AQ in 2004, and leads user research and workshop facilitation in Japan. She believes all good relationships start from listening, and strives to always keep her ears open.

Drawing from her roots as a communication designer, Eiko works with clients and designers to ensure that products and services have the right message and feel.

Tomomi Sasaki

Tomomi is a project director and partner at AQ. She started as a junior project manager in 2009, making endless to-do’s and bug reports, before embracing facilitation skills and the practice of UX and service design as key to delivering useful tools and services.

After building up our UX consulting practice, Tomomi moved from Tokyo to Paris in late 2014. She focuses on expanding our opportunities for experimentation and growth, while working closely with the team to maintain the health of our project portfolio.

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Ryan Ruel

Ryan Ruel is creative director at AQ. After studying design and developing an interest in Japanese culture at the University of Illinois, he spent five years in Chicago designing for clients like NYSE and AIGA before moving to Tokyo in 2009.

With a love for UI and identity design, Ryan has led many of AQ's web service and application design solutions. When he’s not rounding corners, he can be found co-hosting our Ride the Lightning events with Marion or facilitating the game design workshop series, “Press Pause”, he helped found with gaming cohort — Jean Snow.

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Mathieu Mayer

Mathieu is a UI designer. He was born in France when disco was no longer a thing. After spending a few years in Dubai, Mathieu came to Tokyo to take a deeper dive into what he love most: CSS and tonkotsu ramen.

At AQ, Mathieu tries to conciliate innovative design and efficient development. When he's not writing CSS, he's probably making another pot of coffee for the team.

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Marion Kamoike Bouguet

Marion is a full-stack engineer at AQ. Born in Lyon, she studied computer science in Paris then curiosity for the design world turned her towards web programming. She moved to Japan in 2009 after visiting as a freelancer.

She likes to make sure every project is perfect to the details while drinking unreasonable amounts of coffee. She certainly is not the last when it comes to lame jokes and brings a touch of girly geekiness to AQ’s tech side.

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Michi Migita

Michi is a UX researcher with a focus on fieldwork, coordinating and facilitating interviews for the team to better understand the users that we design for. Her ability to build rapport with just about anyone serves her well in this role, and she delights in coming up with unexpected solutions for clients and her team.

Before joining AQ, Michi spent a few years building and operating educational software for SMBs.

Johnny Linnert

Johnny is a project manager at AQ. Back in 2009 he left his California lifestyle and IT work at Apple in search of adventure in Japan. He spent four years cultivating creativity in cities and running operations at the PechaKucha organization, all the while setting aside time to study iOS development and run Swift workshops.

He can be seen running to the office or on Japan's picturesque trails with Hit the Road (AQ's monthly running club), and it is statistically likely that he is, at this very moment, poring over AQ's latest design prototype, a kanban board, or eating a burrito.

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Emily Loeb

Em is UX Lead at AQ. Originally hailing from the US, she moved to Tokyo at the beginning of 2018 after working at ustwo in Sydney, Australia. User centered design is her passion, and she has shipped many successful products, including the launch of inflight wifi with the airline Qantas.

In her free time, Em enjoys playing video games, studying Japanese, and cuddling with her two dogs. In a past life, she traveled the world with a professional choir and played the part of a turnip in an Opera.

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Davide Petrillo

Davide Petrillo is the tech lead at AQ. Starting his career as a full-stack developer, he worked in and with international companies leaders in their industries. Understanding that best development practices alone are not enough to lead a digital product to success, he moved into Product Management and started advocating for Agile, Lean and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Davide studied Computer Science and Japanese in Italy before developing his career in Germany, UK, and finally in Tokyo from 2017.